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Advanced 3D Printing Elective

UCSF educators, researchers, and practitioners are using 3D printed anatomical models as tools for preoperative planning, simulation, and intraoperative visualization. Students enrolled in the Anatomy 171.10 Advanced 3D Printing for Health Science Students elective are matched with a UCSF faculty or researcher to produce a 3D printed project used for patient education, simulation, or research.

For faculty

UCSF faculty can submit project proposals for the Advanced 3D Printing elective related to patient education, simulation, or research. See the project section below for examples of 3D printed projects. Below are expectations for projects:

  • Faculty agree to meet with the student collaborator at least once per week throughout the duration of the project.
  • 3D printers are available at no cost in the Makers Lab. Makers Lab will recommend other UCSF departments with more sophisticated 3D printers when appropriate (faculty will incur costs).
  • The Makers Lab will provide up to $100 in 3D printing materials for projects. Material costs exceeding $100 must be provided by faculty’s department (e.g., 3D print consumables, silicone).
  • Software used is free, but limitations on clinical use based on FDA regulations.
  • Makers Lab staff are available for consultations with student on software and 3D printing.

Submit a project proposal, and a staff or faculty member will follow-up with you soon after. Contact the Makers Lab with questions about the Advanced 3D Printing elective.

For students



Rheumatology Simulation Model

Dr. Sara Sani, UCSF Divisions of Hospital Medicine and Rheumatology
Description: 3D printed phantom of the glenohumeral joint for fluoroscopic-guided shoulder arthrography for UCSF residents. 
Completion date: Spring 2021
Keywords: medicine, simulation, anatomy education, rheumatology, partial task trainer prep


Bone Marrow Biopsy Simulation Model

Dr. Gerald Hsu, UCSF Division of Hematology and Oncology
Description: 3D printed and silicone bone marrow biopsy partial-task trainer for UCSF fellows 
Completion date: July 2020
Keywords: medicine, simulation, anatomy education, bone marrow biopsy, partial-task trainer