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Data Science

UCSF Library’s Data Science Initiative (DSI) serves as a campus hub for education and support in data science. Our mission is to build computational and data skills in the UCSF community by providing education and resources to trainees, faculty, and staff. Come learn fundamental research skills, connect with others, and be empowered to engage in cutting edge biomedical research. See the catalog for a list of core Library Data Science workshops and materials, including online materials for self-study.

Find additional data science training opportunities at UCSF through the new Data Science Education and Training Portal.
Geoffrey Boushey
Geoffrey teaches and consults on programming for data management and analysis, with an emphasis on Python, Unix, and SQL.
Ariel Deardorff
Ariel has worked as a librarian in academia, healthcare, and the NIH. She teaches and consults on data management and organization for reproducibility.
Fred Jiang
Fred is a student teaching assistant with the Data Science Initiative.
Albert Lee
Albert is an instructional designer and analyst. He teaches and consults on programming for data management and analysis with R, Python, and AI applications.
Karla Lindquist, PhD
Dr. Lindquist has expertise in statistics and bioinformatics. Please contact us if you are looking for training or support in these areas.

Data science services have been invaluable to my research; I leave each consultation with a better understanding of the appropriate analytic approach and new ideas to strengthen my analysis.

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