UPDATE: Library facilities are now open to all those with a UCSF ID, though selected spaces remain closed with services available remotely.

Staff Directory

Barr-Walker, Jill Clinical Librarian (ZSFG)  Contact Jill628-206-6638 UCSF Profile
Boone, SusanCollection Technical Services Operations Manager  Contact Susan415-476-8410
Boushey, Geoffrey Software Developer  Contact Geoff
Ciccone, DonAccess Services Assistant  Contact Don415-476-2336
Deardorff, Ariel Data Services Librarian  Contact Ariel415-502-5802
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Dew, Jazmin Archives Assistant (Temp)  Contact Jazmin415-476-8112
Drapeau, ScottMakers Lab Designer  Contact Scott415-476-9426
Escobedo, Edith Project Archivist  Contact Edith415-476-8112
Fernandez, Stephen Tech Commons Operations Engineer  Contact Stephen415-476-4309
Hall, BerthaAccess Services Assistant  Contact Bertha415-476-2336
Hedrick, JasonSoftware Developer  Contact Jason
Hudson, Kirk Tech Commons and Facilities Manager  Contact Kirk415-502-8101
Hurley, Erin User Services and Accessioning Archivist  Contact Erin415-476-8112
Ilieva, Polina Archives and Special Collections Head, University Archivist  Contact Polina415-476-1024
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Johnson, JonSoftware Developer  Contact Jon
Kahrs, AnnaService Designer  Contact Anna
Keyser, KatieElectronic Resources Specialist  Contact Katie
Lee, AlbertData Science Instructional Designer and Analyst  Contact Albert
Leiva, Lisa Learning Technologies Specialist  Contact Lisa415-476-9426
Lindquist, Karla Data Science Scientific Lead  Contact Karla415-502-3815 UCSF Profile
Lipson, AiraAccess Services Assistant  Contact Aira415-476-2336
Little, MicquelAssociate University Librarian for Research and Learning  Contact Micquel415-476-3766
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Lu, CathleenMetadata Analyst  Contact Cat415-502-2102
Maier, SvenIndustry Documents Library Software Developer  Contact Sven415-997-8366
Macquarie, Charlie Digital Archivist  Contact Charlie415-502-7539
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McClelland, Sean Gabriel Lead Learning Technologies Specialist  Contact Sean415-476-9426
McCloskey, TyroneAccess Services Assistant  Contact Tyrone415-476-2336
McClung, Sarah Head of Collection Development  Contact Sarah415-502-2184
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Menezes, BazilAccess Services Assistant  Contact Bazil415-476-1446
Mizejewski, MicheleUser Experience Designer  Contact Michele
Nevels, Iesha Access and Outreach Assistant (ZSFG)  Contact Iesha415-206-3114
Panado, AndyAccess Services Manager  Contact Andy415-502-4178
Peterson, EricAccess Services Day Supervisor  Contact Eric415-476-8246
Proaño, SilviaInstructional Designer  Contact Silvia
Raggett, Ned MYSFHEALTH and User Services Coordinator (ZSFG)  Contact Ned628-206-2893
Romero, Dylan Makers Lab Manager  Contact Dylan
Shaffer, Chris University Librarian and Assistant Vice Chancellor  Contact Chris415-476-5557 UCSF Profile
Silveira, ZachResearch Software Licensing  Contact Zach415-476-4389
Tai, Jenny Makers Lab Engineer  Contact Jenny
Tahir, Peggy Research and Copyright Librarian  Contact Peggy415-476-5765
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Taketa, Rachel Industry Documents Library Processing and Reference Archivist  Contact Rachel415-514-1796
Tam, CarsonSoftware Developer  Contact Carson
Tan, Josephine Research Librarian  Contact JosephineUCSF Profile
Tang, RebeccaIndustry Documents Library Software Developer  Contact Rebecca415-476-9831
Tasker, Kate Industry Documents Library Managing Archivist  Contact Kate
Taylor, Anneliese Head of Scholarly Communication  Contact Anneliese415-476-8415
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Topfstedt, StefanSoftware Developer  Contact Stefan
Trott, RichDirector of Technology Services and Strategy  Contact Rich415-476-5450

Usman Sharif, MickyInstructional Designer  Contact Micky
Warling, BrianCLE Product Manager  Contact Brian415-502-6678
White, Ryan Interlibrary Services Coordinator  Contact Ryan415-502-5789