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Instructional Design

Our instructional design service is dedicated to working closely with faculty and support staff to create engaging and interactive learning environments that encourage curiosity and critical thinking. Our team of experienced professionals also provides guidance on the latest tools and technologies to support education.

Whether you are developing a new course or seeking enhancements to an existing one, our instructional design service is here to help you leverage the CLE and multimedia tools to achieve your learning goals.

The instructional design team has crafted a collection of self-paced courses to empower UCSF faculty and staff to develop pedagogical approaches, leverage educational technology tools, and create impactful courses.

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Meet our instructional design experts

Lisa Leiva​
Lisa is the head of instructional design and leads a team of instructional designers who support faculty and staff in all UCSF professional schools and educational programs. She enjoys introducing faculty to creative methods that integrate technology into the classroom.
Silvia Stone
Silvia collaborates with faculty to create or update courses, blending technology and hands-on learning for engaging educational experiences.
Nary Mustafa
Nary consults with faculty and supports them in utilizing CLE activities and resources to support face-to-face, hybrid, and online teaching and learning.
Helen Chen
An experienced learning designer, Helen is committed to supporting UCSF faculty in the delivery of innovative and effective learning experiences.
Ivory DeWitt
Ivory collaborates with faculty on innovative methods, incorporating technology and experiential learning strategies into online curriculum design.

Focus on learning outcomes

Our goal is to provide faculty and support staff with the tools and skills needed to meet their teaching and learning goals. Schedule a free, in-person consultation and dive into best practices and effective selection of ed tech tools to keep your course growing and your students engaged.

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Have a question? We’re here to help.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, no matter which UCSF school you’re affiliated with. Faculty and support staff should contact us.

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