Instructional Design

Our instructional design service collaborates with faculty and support staff to deliver dynamic and engaging learning experiences and is supported by the UCSF Library’s Learning Tech Group. Whether you are developing a new course or seeking enhancements to an existing one, we are available to help you make the best use of CLE and multimedia tools.​

Meet our instructional design expert

Lisa Leiva
Lisa Lieva

Lisa is a Learning Technologies Specialist with over 15 years of experience working with UCSF faculty to enhance learning experiences. She enjoys doing her part to provide educators with creative methods that integrate technology into the classroom through presentation design and delivery, graphic design, teaching with the CLE, Adobe Creative Suite, Camtasia, and more.

Focus on learning outcomes

Our goal is to provide faculty and support staff with the tools and skills needed to meet their teaching and learning goals. Schedule a free, in-person consultation and dive into best practices and effective selection of ed tech tools to keep your course growing and your students engaged.

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Blueprint for Creating a New Learning Environment

The SOP Office of Education and Instructional Services partnered with the Learning Technology Group to create a new CLE course template that encourages student engagement, supports online learning, and collaboration activities. The collaboration was a great opportunity for both groups to share their expertise and design streamlined courses to improve student experiences.


Ms. Leiva provided extraordinary support for my educational project. She has helped me with the project over the last three years and has been crucial to its success

Faculty, UCSF School of Medicine

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We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, no matter which UCSF school you’re affiliated with. Faculty and support staff should contact us.

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