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News from the Library

Learning Tech

Coming soon: CLE updating to Moodle 3.8

On Monday, July 13, 2020, the CLE will be updated to Moodle 3.8. The CLE will be unavailable on that date from 5am-12noon. Here is a quick preview

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Makers Lab

Makers Lab Zoom Backgrounds

At this time, the UCSF Library Makers Lab remains closed until further notice due to COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders. Makers Lab staff are working hard to provide remote support

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Archives and Special Collections

Meet Our Artist in Residence

We are excited to welcome the first-ever UCSF Library Artist in Residence, Farah Hamade. There was a remarkable response to the call for submissions, and the committee reviewed

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Social Justice

Standing in Support of Social Justice and BLM

Libraries and library workers have long stood up for marginalized communities, protecting access to information, bringing people together, and building community. While we have done a lot, it

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Archives and Special Collections

Celebrating International Archives Week

This week, we join the International Council on Archives and colleagues around the world in celebrating archives and their role in empowering knowledge societies. Against a pervasive backdrop

Celebrating the end of the First World War in San Francisco
Archives and Special Collections

Past and Present Pandemics: 1918 and 2020

Crisis, Community, and Connections From time to time, events in the present so closely resemble events from the past that the aphorism “history repeats itself” seems feasible. This

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Scholarly Communication

Publish Open Access with ACM, Microbiology Society, and NAR

We’re pleased to announce three new publisher agreements that went into effect recently that make publishing open access more affordable for UCSF corresponding authors. Wide dissemination of UC

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Makers Lab

Meet the Maker – Valerie Stevens

This week’s maker is Valerie Stevens, a Study Coordinator at the Proctor Foundation. We caught up with Valerie to learn more about the project she has been working

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Data Science Initiative

COVID-19 Hackathon

Join the UCSF virtual three-week hackathon aimed at designing new innovative and technical solutions to the health, medical, and scientific challenges we face due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Teams and Mobile Added to Office 365

If you’ve been using the Office 365 tools that were recently made available, you should know that the Teams application has been launched. With Teams, you can instant

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Makers Lab

Meet the Maker – Scott Drapeau

This week’s maker is our own Makers Lab Designer, Scott Drapeau. Let’s take a closer look at what Scott has been working on. Q: What did you make?

Education and Research

The Hidden Gems of Micromedex: Reprotox

Micromedex is a drug database often compared to LexiComp. It is a complex set of drug information resources packaged together, and it provides depth and breadth in the