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Data Science Education and Training Portal

Select the major concept area to see a page listing specific topics with training opportunities at UCSF that might meet your learning needs.

Biological and Clinical Informatics

for example: RNA-seq analysis, digital health tools

Computing Environments

for example: Information Commons, Wynton

Code and Data Management

for example: GitHub, secure data storage and sharing

Programming Essentials

for example: Python, R, SQL, Unix

Statistics and Big Data Analytics

for example: Regression modeling, machine learning


for example: Cytoscape, Tableau, R/Python-based

Whether you need to locate, manage, or analyze your data, whether you are a beginner or an expert, and whether you are just exploring or doing a deep dive into a topic, this portal is a good place to start searching for your data science learning needs.

The Data Science Education and Training Portal is here to guide you toward finding data science courses, workshops, and other data-related training resources at UCSF. Enjoy!

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

If you are an educator or learner and can’t find a particular UCSF data science training opportunity on this portal, feel free to contact us
Note that there are additional data science training opportunities that UCSF employees may access for free or at discounted rates which are outside the scope of this portal. For example, you may want to explore offerings through LinkedIn Learning (all content free through UCSF MyAccess).