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data visualization

Effective communication of scientific ideas and findings often include visualizations. Below are some resources that will help you hone these important skills.

Available resources

Since offerings are always evolving, this list may not be comprehensive. Still have questions?

Cytoscape CourseAdvanced Cytoscape AutomationGladstone
Cytoscape CourseIntermediate Cytoscape Networks and Omics Data VisualizationGladstone
Cytoscape CourseIntroduction to Cytoscape and Network BiologyGladstone
R CourseIntermediate R for Data VisualizationGladstone
R CourseIntroduction to ggplot2 with RLibrary
R CourseR for VisualizationsLibrary
Tutorials/User Support ServicesTableau Training and SupportUCSF IT
Web-based Tool CourseOnline data modeling and visualization with rtemislive softwareEpi/Biostat

See the full list of UCSF data science education and training sponsors and a key to the abbreviations.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

If you are an educator or learner and can’t find a particular UCSF data science training opportunity on this portal, feel free to contact us
Note that there are additional data science training opportunities that UCSF employees may access for free or at discounted rates which are outside the scope of this portal. For example, you may want to explore offerings through LinkedIn Learning (all content free through UCSF MyAccess)