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Biological and Clinical Informatics

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Informatics is a broad and diverse field that includes working with “omics” data (transcriptomics, genomics, proteomics) or with large amounts of clinical data (electronic health records and digital health inputs). Offerings in this area are actively evolving at UCSF.

Available resources

Since offerings are always evolving, this list may not be comprehensive. Still have questions?

Bioinformatics CourseBMI 203: Biocomputing AlgorithmsGrad Div$*
Bioinformatics CourseBMI 206: Statistical Methods of BioinformaticsGrad Div$*
Bioinformatics CourseBMI 219: Special Topics in BioinformaticsGrad Div$*
Bioinformatics CourseBMI 223: Critical Topics in Biomedical InformaticsGrad Div$*
Bioinformatics CourseDNA Variant Analysis with R BioconductorLibrary
Bioinformatics CourseIntermediate RNA-Seq Analysis Using RGladstone
Bioinformatics CourseIntroduction to Pathway Analysis Using RGladstone
Bioinformatics CourseIntroduction to RNA-Seq AnalysisGladstone
Bioinformatics CourseRNA-Seq Analysis with R BioconductorLibrary
Bioinformatics CourseSingle Cell ATAQ-seqGladstone
Bioinformatics CourseSingle Cell RNA-Seq AnalysisGladstone
Bioinformatics CourseSingle Cell RNA-Seq Analysis with R BioconductorLibrary
Bioinformatics CourseWhole Genome Sequence AnalysisGladstone
Bioinformatics ProgramPhD Degree Program in Biological and Medical InformaticsGrad Div$ *
Clinical Informatics CourseClinical Informatics and Data Science PathwaySOM$ *
Clinical Informatics CourseEPI 226: Informatics Tools for Health Disparities ResearchEpi/Biostat$ *
Clinical Informatics ProgramClinical Informatics FellowshipSOM$ *
Clinical Informatics ProgramClinical Research Informatics Postdoctoral (CRISP) FellowshipEpi/Biostat$ *

See the full list of UCSF data science education and training sponsors and a key to the abbreviations.

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Note that there are additional data science training opportunities that UCSF employees may access for free or at discounted rates which are outside the scope of this portal. For example, you may want to explore offerings through LinkedIn Learning (all content free through UCSF MyAccess)