Karla Lindquist
Karla is a Statistician and Bioinformatician, and member of the Data Science team at UCSF Library. Contact Karla for help with statistics, bioinformatics, and programming.

Introducing the Data Science Education and Training Web Portal

The Data Science Education and Training Portal is a new online resource that allows UCSF students, faculty, and staff to find data science courses, workshops, and other data-related training resources offered at UCSF.

Whether you need to locate, manage, or analyze data, and whether you want to explore or take a deep dive into a topic, this portal is a great place for any beginner or data expert to start! You can find training resources sorted by format, title, departmental sponsor, and other features within the following topic areas:

Data science education is evolving at UCSF, and we aim to keep this site up-to-date with current offerings by the various participating education sponsors. We hope this resource will help you advance your data science skills at UCSF.