Ariel Deardorff
Ariel is the Director of Data Science and Open Scholarship. Contact Ariel for help with data sharing, data management, reproducibility, and open science.

New Synergy Between Data Science and Open Scholarship at the Library 

We are proud to share that the UCSF Library is entering a new phase to support data science and open scholarship. Building on the success of our scholarly communication services and data science initiative, we have now launched a Data Science and Open Scholarship (DSOS) team that will strengthen our support for these areas through a collaborative approach. The DSOS team will be dedicated to raising awareness and building excitement for open research and scholarship at UCSF. Together this team will: 

  • Teach classes, offer consultations, and create educational resources on programming, scholarly communication, statistics and bioinformatics, data engineering, and data management.
  • Connect scholars with campus resources, computing tools, and platforms.
  • Advocate for “open” data and scholarship practices by highlighting new research pathways.
  • Build dynamic and energizing spaces, both physically and virtually, that facilitate 
    connection and communication across the UCSF community.
  • Partner with colleagues across the library and UCSF community to enhance data science and open scholarship efforts.

Get to know the DSOS team

  • Ariel Deardorff, director of data science and open scholarship
    • Ariel leads the team and specializes in data management and data sharing policies and practice. 
  • Anneliese Taylor, head of scholarly communication
    • Anneliese is an expert in scholarly publishing and scholarly communication, optimizing the use of researcher profile systems, and tracking research outputs and assessing their impact. 
  • Karla Lindquist, head of data science
    • Karla has expertise in statistics and bioinformatics and can help with training or support in those areas. 
  • Geoff Boushey, head of data engineering
    • Geoff teaches and consults on programming for data pipelines with an emphasis on Python, Unix, and SQL. 
  • Albert Lee, data science instructional designer
    • Albert teaches R workshops and provides consultation services related to computer programming (R, Python, and SQL) and UCSF research data assets and computational environments. 
  • Fred Jiang, student teaching assistant
    • Fred supports our classes and runs the Data Science Help Desk. 

Ways to connect with DSOS