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We offer a robust lecture and exhibits program to foster discovery and demonstrate the research value of the collections. All events and exhibits free and open to the public. For more information please contact Polina Ilieva.

Current exhibits

Past events

What can AZT tell us about drug development in the early AIDS epidemic?
John E. Lesch
April 27, 2022 video recording

Women Physician Pioneers of the 1960s: Their Lives and Profession Over a Half Century
Susan E. Detweiler, MD
March 16, 2022 video recording

Toward a History of Black AIDS Activism
Dan Royles and Antoine Johnson
December 6, 2021 video recording

Medical Care for All, Regardless
Donald W. Waters
November 17, 2021 video recording

Pause, Breathe, and Re-Connect: Poetry and Discussion
April 29, 2021 video recording and visual summary

The Myth of the Perfect Pregnancy: A History of Miscarriage in America
Lara Freidenfelds, PhD
March 6, 2020 video recording coming soon

A History of Healing with Carry the One Radio
February 27, 2020 video recording

The Soul of Care with Arthur Kleinman
February 12, 2020 video recording

Symposium: Memory Lives On: Documenting the HIV/AIDS Epidemic
October 14–5, 2019 video recording

In Whose Best Interest? Children, Aspirin Poisoning, and the Pharmaceutical Industry, 1947-1976
October 18, 2019

Elderhood Author Louise Aronson in Conversation with Sharon Kaufman
September 18, 2019 video recording

Documenting While Black
August 14, 2019 video recording

Heart to Heart: Dr. Sandeep Jauhar in Conversation with Dr. Victoria Sweet
March 22, 2019 video recording

What Came Before Zero? STIs Among Men Who Had Sex With Men in California, 1945-1965
Richard McKay, D.Phil
January 10, 2019

Lest We Forget: Slavery, Race and the Birth of American Gynecology
Associate Professor of History Deirdre Cooper Owens
December 10, 2018 video recording

Medicine as Mission: Black Women Physicians’ Careers, 1864-1941
Meg Vigil-Fowler, PhD., with Renee Navarro, MD and Aimee Medeiros, PhD
October 10, 2018 video recording

Group Weight Loss and Multiple Screening: A Tale of Two Heart Disease Programs and the Problems of Postwar American Public Health
Nicolas Rasmussen
June 7, 2018 video recording

A Long Way from Wisconsin — The Work and Wanderings of Henry Wellcome
Marilyn McEntyre
April 24, 2018 video recording

The Evolution of Urology at UCSF
UCSF Department of Urology
March 14, 2018

50 Years of the Haight Ashbury Free Clinics
David E. Smith
October 6, 2017 video recording

“Do the Best for Our Soldiers”: University of California Medical Service in World War I
Morton Rivo and Wen Shen
May 23, 2017 video recording

The History of Higher Education in California: A Big Data Approach
Zach Bleemer
March 3, 2017 video recording

What Will It Take To End AIDS?
Jon Cohen, Amy Maxmen, and Misha Friedman
January 11, 2017 video recording

Fake Silk: The Lethal History of Viscose Rayon
Paul Blanc
December 2, 2016 video recording

Embracing the Future as Stewards of the Past: Historical Medical Collections in the 21st Century
Jeffrey Reznick
October 21, 2016 video recording

Vaccination and Society Since the Sixties 
Elena Conis
September 30, 2016

Heightened Expectations: The Discovery and Early Uses of Growth Hormone
Aimee Medeiros
May 17, 2016 video recording

A History of Neurological Surgery at UCSF, 1912-2015
Mitchel Berger, Brian Dolan, Lawrence Pitts, Grant Gauger, and Art Lyons
March 11, 2016 video recording

The Transformation of Anesthesia, 1900-1960
John Severinghaus and Merlin Larson
December 4, 2015 video recording

History, Science and Art of Ocular Prosthetics
Robert Sherins
May 28, 2015 video recording

The Forgotten Epidemic: HIV/AIDS in Women and Children
Arthur Ammann
February 26, 2015 video recording

Karl F. Meyer: California’s Forgotten Microbe Hunter
Mark Honigsbaum
December 5, 2014 video recording

Shimkin’s “Lost Colony” (1947-1953): Early Interdisciplinary Cancer Research at UCSF
M. Michael Thaler
October 13, 2014 video recording

Learning from Our History: Lessons at UCSF from the Early AIDS Epidemic
John Greenspan, Paul Volberding, Molly Cooke, and Jay Levy
April 16, 2014 video recording

Tracking Disease, Forecasting Futures
Laurie Garrett
February 21, 2014