Art and Music in the Library

Art and Music in the Library

An Engine of Inquiry and Change: The UCSF Library

On view through March 2017, this exhibit celebrates 150 years of growth, evolution, and user-centered service at the UCSF Library. Discover how the collection grew from less than 2,000 volumes into one of the world’s preeminent health sciences libraries.

View rare books and medical artifacts from the Archives and Special Collections and learn about exciting, technologically-advanced tools for the post-digital age. And don’t forget to “catalog” your Library memories and ideas for the future at our interactive card catalog display!

Presented by UCSF Archives and Special Collections.

Main floor, Library hours.

Permanent Exhibits

Second Floor

Third/Main Floor

Fourth Floor

Fifth Floor - Lange Room & Terrace

  • Portrait of Sir Isaac Newton 
  • Sunbather sculpture