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Faculty Carrels

The Parnassus Library features 12 daily faculty carrels, available for 1 – 7┬ádays of use any day of the week.


  • Ladder-rank faculty
  • In residence faculty
  • Professor of Clinical (____)
  • Clinical Professor/Instructor (salaried or not)
  • Adjunct Professor/Instructor

Using the Carrels

  • Reservations are required
  • A maximum of 7 reservations are allowed per month
  • Carrels are┬álocked at all times
  • Campus ID is required for access only on reserved dates
  • Please do not leave valuables unattended overnight or for an extended period of time
  • Books and other library materials left overnight must be properly checked out
  • Material left in carrels after the last day of occupancy will be returned to the owner whenever possible