Library facilities are open to those with UCSF ID, though selected spaces remain closed with services available remotely. See timeline for reopening.

Interlibrary Services for Libraries

UCSF students, faculty and staff: Submit a request through UC Library Search

  • The information below is for other libraries.
  • UCSF Library does not accept requests from non-libraries or individuals.   If you need materials from UCSF Library, please contact your nearest library with OCLC or Docline membership.


We accept requests via

  • OCLC
  • Docline

Loan period

  • 4 weeks
  • All loans are subject to recalls.


Type of InstitutionLoansCopies
California academic/public libraries and all health sciences libraries$11$11
All other US non-health libraries (academic/public, non-profit, corporate, etc.)$21$21
International libraries (loans not available)N/A$21

Billing and Shipping


  • IFM
  • EFTS

Paying Invoices

  • IFLA vouchers


  • US First Class mail for loans
  • Email for copies


Contact us, we’re happy to help.