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Interlibrary Services for Libraries

  • This service is for other libraries.
  • UCSF Library does not accept requests from outside individuals. If you need materials from UCSF Library, please contact your nearest library with OCLC or DOCLINE membership.
  • Are you a UCSF student, faculty and staff member? Submit a request through UC Library Search.


We accept requests via

  • OCLC

Loan period

  • 4 weeks
  • All loans are subject to recall


Type of InstitutionLoansCopies
California academic/public libraries and all health sciences libraries$11$11
All other US non-health libraries (academic/public, non-profit, corporate, etc.)$21$21
International libraries (loans not available)N/A$21

Billing and delivery


  • IFM
  • EFTS


  • US First Class mail for loans
  • Email for copies


Contact us — we’re happy to help.