Review of Subscriptions

Every year, the UCSF Library reviews its local journal subscriptions as part of the annual renewal process. We are looking for savings in order to keep up with annual increases to both our UCSF-only subscriptions and to subscription packages through our UC Libraries consortium. Visit our journal costs webpage for more information.

View the final list of 2018 journal subscription changes (MyAccess login required)

Criteria for Cancellation

Curious how we make our subscriptions decisions? To identify journals for cancellation, we consider several criteria:

  1. Print journals that are also available online. Print is cancelled in favor of online-only subscriptions when possible and affordable.
  2. Results of an annual, 3-month in-house study of print journal use. Titles with online access and historically low or no print usage are favored for cancellation.
  3. Online subscriptions that have historically low use or do not align with the UC system’s licensing standards (Word doc).
  4. Selected print-only or electronic-only titles that  have an unusually high cost per use.

Past Journal Cancellations

View the list of past journal cancellations starting from 2005 (PDF, titles alphabetical).