Kemi Amin
Kemi is the Communications Manager for the UCSF Library.

What You Said About Library Spaces

In May 2017 the Library launched a survey campaign to learn how people use the physical spaces in the Parnassus Library. We distributed the paper survey throughout the Library for two weeks with an option to complete a digital version. By the end of the campaign we received 850 responses! Thank you for your input! The following is a visualized summary of the insightful data we pulled from your feedback of the Parnassus Library:

Now What?

Based on your responses we will be doing the following at the Library:

  1. Renovating the Hearst Room to maximize the user experience
  2. Cleaning computer keyboards more often
  3. Replacing uncomfortable Library furniture whenever possible (note: let us know what you think of the new pods in the Hearst and East Asian room!)
  4. Installing strategically placed signage to inform patrons about Library events and workshops
  5. Updating the design and placement of signage related to the various Library noise levels and food policies.
  6. Re-configuring access to the building to improve security (note: more to come on this)

We look forward to notifying you of each change as it is implemented.