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Rich Trott
Rich is the UCSF Library Director of Technology Services and Strategy

Welcome Erik Gibson, Industry Documents Library UX Designer

We are delighted to welcome Erik Gibson as our Industry Documents Library (IDL) UX Designer. Erik will maintain and improve IDL user experience with a focus on the Opioid Industry Documents Archive in collaboration with our partners at Johns Hopkins University.

Erik has had a long and varied career in software and technology spanning over 25 years. He has worked for start-ups, big technology companies, healthcare companies, and higher education. He ran a startup in the late 90s developing plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. This is his second stint with the University of California. He worked for three years at UC Berkeley on a portal project that is still in use today. Erik likes to build practical tools that help people get real work done every day. “My favorite experience is seeing the look on a customer’s face that says, ‘I get it,’ when using software that I have helped design.”

Erik is a Bay Area native, an avid swimmer, and (in his words) “a halfway decent cook”. Please join us in welcoming Erik to the Library!