Picture of Lisa Leiva
Lisa Leiva
Lisa is Head of Instructional Design and has over 15 years of experience working with UCSF faculty to enhance learning experiences.

Upcoming Workshop on Leveraging Blended Learning Modalities

Would you like to know more about blended learning? Join UCSF education technology experts for an overview of this educational approach that combines teaching methods of the traditional classroom and online learning. This workshop will be offered on:

What will I learn?

The session will provide an introduction to models of blended instruction such as hyflex and hybrid learning. We will also share information about engagement techniques, CLE features, as well as classroom and hardware tools that may be used for blended learning.

Who should attend?

If you are faculty, an Instructor, or education support staff and are providing in-person teaching, are offering remote learning or a mix of both this workshop is for you!

Can’t make it? Schedule a consultation with an instructional designer or contact the Learning Tech Group for more information!