Kemi Amin
Kemi is the Communications Manager for the UCSF Library.

UCSF now has trial access to DynaMed Plus

UC Health, with the assistance of the California Digital Library, has begun a two year trial to DynaMed Plus for all of the UC campuses.

DynaMed Plus is a clinical reference tool that provides concise, evidence-based recommendations with supporting references across disease, condition, procedure, and drug topics in all specialties. Written by a team of physicians and researchers who synthesize the evidence and provide objective analysis, content is updated daily to ensure physicians have timely information for point of care decisions.

Features include overviews and recommendations, graphics and images, expert reviewers, specialty content, and mobile access. Clinicians can set up “practice changing” alerts to stay on top of changes in evidence and guidelines in their practice area.

More information will be made available in the coming months, including dates of on-site education sessions.