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Joanna Kang
Joanna is the Data Science and Marketing Coordinator at UCSF Library.

UCSF Makers Lab Visits Noisebridge

Noisebridge facilities

UCSF Library makers went on a field trip to the Noisebridge makerspace last week, and to say we had a good time is an understatement!

What is Noisebridge? It is a community hackerspace/makerspace in San Francisco’s Mission District and is an educational non-profit. When you first walk in to Noisebridge, it may look a little different than the UCSF Makers Lab, but there are also many similarities. I personally found the open working spaces and organization of tools and equipment to be inspiring for us in the Makers Lab!

Watch a short video about Noisebridge below:

Below are a few other takeaways from our tour of Noisebridge:

  • There is one rule for Noisebridge – “be excellent to each other”
  • Noisebridge is open every day from 11am-11pm
  • Noisebridge started in 2007 and moved to its current location in 2009
  • New visitors are welcome any time (all ages, all skill levels), but access is dependent on members being present – so email Noisebridge before visiting for the first time!
  • You can become a Noisebridge member, or contribute one-time or reoccurring donations
  • There is also a wood shop, metal shop, sewing machines, a kiln and so much more!
  • Noisebridge offers free classes on topics such as electronics, Python, Sewing/Crafting, 3D printing and more!
  • Noisebridge is 5,280 square feet of awesomeness!

Here are some more pictures from our tour:

Noisebridge bookshelf

Noisebridge Library

3d printer

Noisebridge 3D Printers

LED art project

FlaschenTaschen – a 10′ by 9′ video display made out of glass bottles, milk crates, LED light string, and powered by a Raspberry Pi. 

Have questions about the Noisebridge tour? Contact the Makers Lab.

Thank you Noisebridge!

2169 Mission St, 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94110