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Sarah McClung
Sarah is the Head of Collection Development at the UCSF Library. Contact Sarah with questions about library subscriptions and collections purchases.

UCSF Library becomes BMJ Case Reports Institutional Fellow

UCSF Library is happy to announce we recently acquired an institutional fellowship to BMJ Case Reports. As the world’s largest repository of clinical case reports online, BMJ Case Reports is a unique resource offering over 15,000 cases from over 70 countries in all disciplines. Healthcare professionals, researchers, and others can easily find clinically important information on common and rare conditions in this peer reviewed journal.

BMJ Case Reports has a unique business model whereby users (whether authors and/or readers) become Fellows. Because we are now an institutional fellow, UCSF faculty, staff, and students do not have to pay individual fellowship fees when submitting unlimited case reports to the journal. Access to all published material in BMJ Case Reports is also accessible through our fellowship and re-using content for personal and educational use does not require further permissions.

Free case report submission requires a fellowship code. See the instructions for submission (MyAccess log in required) for the fellowship code for UCSF.