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UC’s Proposed New Copyright Ownership Policy is Open for Feedback

The UC Office of the President is inviting comments through December 15 on its proposed revision to the existing Presidential Policy on Copyright Ownership for UC employees (links below). This is the principal policy that governs ownership of copyrights at UC, and it was last updated in 1992. In addition to updating the policy, the proposed revisions aim to reduce areas of ambiguity and streamline the language. The most substantive changes of the revisions are:

  1. Expands eligibility to own copyrights
  2. Expands and clarifies the pool of works eligible for copyright ownership
  3. Creates a definition for “Significant University Resources” as a limitation on the University’s ownership
  4. Clarifies graduate student copyright ownership
  5. Clarifies copyright ownership for represented employees
  6. Expands supplemental references
  7. Deletes numerous unnecessary provisions

All members of the UC community are encouraged to review the policy documents available on the UCOP site through December 15. Adopted Presidential Policies are available at

Comments and feedback on the revised policy may be submitted to (not case sensitive) by December 15, 2019. For more information about copyright in general, visit the Library’s copyright guide.