Ariel Deardorff
Ariel is the Director of Data Science and Open Scholarship. Contact Ariel for help with data sharing, data management, reproducibility, and open science.

UC Love Data Week 2024

UC Libraries and our partners are collaborating on another UC-wide “Love Data Week” from February 12-16, 2024. Now in its fourth year, UC Love Data Week brings together students, faculty, and staff from across the UC system to explore data tools, methodologies, and platforms from a variety of academic disciplines. With sessions designed to foster knowledge sharing and skill development, the event promises to empower attendees with valuable insights, tools, and strategies to navigate the intricate world of data. All events are free to attend and open to any member of the UC community.   

There are 20+ presentations over the course of the week. Whether you are working with qualitative or quantitative data there are plenty of sessions to choose from. Topics include:

  • Getting started with open research (co-hosted by the UCSF Library!)
  • A smorgasbord of open data sources for research (co-hosted by the UCSF Library!)
  • Developing your data science portfolio
  • Finding health statistics and data
  • Remote and high-performance computing 
  • Wikipedia edit-a-thon 
  • Telling your data story 
  • Tips and tools for dealing with large datasets 
  • Data analysis without coding 
  • Understanding bias in AI tools
  • 3D data and images
  • GitHub for non-coders
  • Drone data 101
  • and much more!

Visit the UC Love Data Week website to learn more and to register for a specific workshop. Please make sure to register for sessions using your UCSF email. Zoom links will be emailed to registered participants before the session.