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Katie Keyser
Katie Keyser is the Electronic Resources Specialist

Solving Full Text Access Problems

By Zach Silveira and Katie Keyser

Recently, some library users reported being unable to access the full text of Wiley resources even when connected to the UCSF network via VPN. This occurs when the Wiley website identifies a user by their computer’s IPv6 address rather than by the VPN’s IPv4 address. Publisher websites are configured to allow full-text access based on a user’s IP address, so Wiley denies access because the user’s IPv6 address is not among the allowed IP addresses for UCSF. At the moment, Wiley is the only publisher website where users are experiencing this problem.

The solution is to use EZproxy, the library service that enables remote access to UC-licensed resources. When UCSF network users access Wiley content via EZproxy, the Wiley website allows full-text access even for those VPN users with an IPv6 address.

For a quick refresher on ways to get full-text access with your UCSF credentials, see the library Help Center article Getting Access to UC-Licensed Resources.

If you’re trying to access the full text of Wiley resources, the easiest way is to start from the UCSF Library website, where searches and links will automatically route you through EZproxy. If you’re already on the Wiley website and you don’t have full-text access, use the EZproxy bookmarklet to reload the page.