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SAGE Publishing and UC Announce a Transformative Agreement to Expand Reach of UC Research

We’re excited to announce the University of California has entered into a two-year transformative open access agreement with SAGE Publishing, effective from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2024. SAGE is one of the largest publishers of UC research in the social sciences and humanities. The publisher also has numerous health, life, and biomedical sciences publications.

The agreement includes open access publishing of an unlimited number of articles by corresponding authors at all ten UC campuses and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and provides researchers throughout the UC system with expanded reading access to the full portfolio of SAGE journals.

The goal of the agreement is to support UC’s mission as a public university and advance the global shift toward sustainable open access publishing by making more UC-authored research articles open to the world, while containing the university’s journal-related expenditures. Consistent with UC’s other transformative agreements, the UC libraries are redirecting subscription funds to help cover open access publishing fees for UC authors who publish in SAGE journals.

Under the agreement, the UC Libraries will contribute $1,000 to all article publishing fees (APCs) and will cover the costs in full where there is no available grant funding to pay the remainder of the APC, or when the APC is less than $1,000. UC authors will also receive a discount on open access publishing in SAGE journals. All hybrid open access journals via SAGE Choice and most of SAGE’s fully ‘gold’ open access journals are included in the agreement.

This agreement advances UC’s goal to accelerate the shift to a more open, fair, transparent and sustainable scholarly communication system. This effort will advance the public mission of UC and its ongoing work to make the products of UC research and scholarship as freely and widely available as possible.

Derjung Mimi Tarn
Professor of Family Medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and chair of the UC Academic Senate Committee on Library and Scholarly Communication (UCOLASC)

Read the full announcement, and see details about the agreement for UC authors.

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