Evans Whitaker
Evans Whitaker
Whit is a Research Librarian at the UCSF Library. Contact Whit for help with clinical informatics, database searching, systematic reviews, and reference managers.

RefWorks subscription ending June 2020

UCSF Library plans to end our subscription to RefWorks on 30 June 2020.

Why is this happening?

UCSF Library has a long-standing subscription to RefWorks. In the last two years we have received frequent complaints about the product, have seen Word and browser compatibility issues, and have not received the level of support from RefWorks we needed to solve the problems. After a lot of thought, we have decided it is time to end our relationship with RefWorks.

What do I do now?

We will help you select a new product, move your RefWorks library to the new product, and introduce you to the use of the new product. There are two good alternatives:

  1. Zotero is free, open-source, and works very well. RefWorks users will see a lot of similarities in Zotero. See the handout we use in UCSF Zotero classes.
  2. EndNote is very powerful and customizable, but most UCSF users will need to purchase it. Current prices are $114 for students and $219 for faculty and staff. You can request a one month free trial. See the handout used in UCSF classes about Endnote.

Next Steps

Another post is coming soon on how to save your RefWorks library in order to move the contents to another reference manager. As we get closer to the end of the RefWorks contract, we will announce in-person or online sessions to help with migrating your references and learning to use a new reference manager.

If you’d like to be notified, please provide your preferences and your UCSF email address by April 3, 2020:

We appreciate your patience with this transition. Ultimately, we believe you will end up using a more reliable reference manager. Please feel free to contact me with questions.