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UC pilot agreement offers discount on open access publishing with Wiley in 2022

Wiley and the University of California today announced a one-year pilot agreement that makes it more affordable for UC authors to publish open access in Wiley journals, making their articles freely available for anyone to read.

Under the agreement, corresponding authors at all ten UC campuses and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory who publish open access articles in Wiley journals from January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2022 will receive a 15 percent discount on the open access fee (also known as an article processing charge, or APC). The agreement covers articles published in all Wiley journals, including both hybrid (subscription-based) and fully open access journals. 

Authors who published an article earlier in 2022 will be contacted by Wiley and offered the opportunity to make their article open access at UC’s discounted rate. If their article is already open access, they will receive a 15 percent refund from the publisher.

The agreement also provides UC students, faculty, researchers and healthcare professionals with unlimited reading access to the full portfolio of Wiley journals.

Shared funding model for open access at five UC campuses

During 2022, authors at five UC campuses (Irvine, Merced, Riverside, Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz) will also have an opportunity to pilot UC’s shared funding model for open access publishing, in which the UC libraries automatically cover the first $1,000 of the APC, and will pay the full APC for authors who do not have research funds available for this purpose. The limited scope of this one-year pilot will allow Wiley to develop and test the multi-payer system before exploring the potential for a broader agreement in the future that would include all 10 campuses.

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