Albert Lee
Albert Lee
Albert is a Data Science Instructional Designer and Analyst at the Library and the Information Commons team at the Bakar Computational Health Sciences Institute. Contact Albert for questions related to programming for data management and analysis with R, Python, and AI applications.

Our WinteR of LeaRning Will be Back in 2023

Interested in learning more about data science and improving your data science skills in 2023? If so, we invite you to register for our 2023 WinteR of LeaRning Series!

R programming

The 2023 WinteR of LeaRning Series will cover foundational programming and data manipulation skills with R and RStudio, the programming language for statistical computing and graphics. The workshops are designed for learners of all skill levels, and the course materials will provide practical ways to integrate tools and skills into research analysis workflows. After covering the fundamentals in the “R for Everyone” and “R for Data Manipulation” courses, we will spend an entire month discussing ways to set up experimental data for analysis!

Workshop schedule

You may participate either virtually or in-person at the Mission Bay FAMRI Library. Additionally, all workshops will be recorded, and the presentation slides and code notebooks will be released each week prior to the workshop. Even if you can not attend all workshops, we encourage you to register so you can receive the materials.


Please contact Data Science Initiative Instructional Designer and Analyst, Albert Lee at