Picture of Silvia Proaño Stone
Silvia Proaño Stone
Silvia is an instructional designer who is available to consult with faculty members about using CLE activities and resources to support online teaching and learning.

Introducing the Instructional Design Channel on MediaSpace

There are various instructional methods, but as a faculty or academic staff member, you may ask yourself, “Which methods should I use for this course?” or “How can I ensure students are reaching the desired learning outcomes?” To familiarize faculty and academic staff with prevailing pedagogy, the Library’s instructional designers have launched the Instructional Design video channel on UCSF’s MediaSpace. This channel will feature short educational videos, three to five minutes long, on topics that will interest, inspire, and benefit UCSF faculty and academic staff.

Our first three-minute video, Active Learning, introduces the dynamics of a pedagogical approach that transcends traditional classroom lectures to engage students in hands-on and participatory experiences.

Active learning prioritizes student collaboration and critical thinking. Rather than passively absorbing information, students actively participate in learning through group discussions, problem-solving activities, simulations, or group projects. This approach deepens understanding and cultivates essential skills like communication, teamwork, and problem-solving.

Upcoming videos

Each month we will release new videos on topics such as:

  • Traditional vs. Backward Design Methods
  • H5P: Interactive Activities
  • Flipped Classroom Model

Meet with our team

Whether you are a seasoned educator looking to revitalize your teaching approach or a newcomer eager to explore innovative methods, our instructional designers can support you every step of the way.