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Wrightson sketchbook detail
Charlie Macquarie
Charlie Macquarie
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Newly-digitized Sketches of Toland Hall Murals

Archives is excited to provide access to the sketchbook of Phyllis Wrightson, which has been newly-digitized from within the Bernard Zakheim papers. Wrightson was Zakheim’s assistant during the painting of the frescoes inside UCSF’s Toland Hall, and the two later married. 

Wrightson with mural
Phyllis Wrightson, second from left. (from L to R: Joseph Allen, Phyllis Wrightson, Bernard Zakheim, and F. Stanley Durie). Source: Calisphere

The sketchbook contains fascinating detail of the historical research which went into the mural, and includes notes, clippings, and remarkable sketches made by Wrightson in preparation for the painting of the murals. Wrightson’s sketchbook is notable for the way it illuminates the immense amount of collaborative effort that went into creating a mural such as the Toland Hall frescoes, and documents the both the creative process and aesthetic decisions which were a part of the project. 

The digitization of Wrightson’s notebook has been another fruitful collaboration between Archives staff and our colleagues in other library departments, spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic. We would especially like to thank Andy Panado, Collections Analyst, for his work to create the digital files for this valuable resource.

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