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Anneliese Taylor
Anneliese is the Head of Scholarly Communication. Contact Anneliese for help evaluating journals and publishers, assessing research impact, and for scholarly publishing resources.

New Research Analytics Tool – Dimensions

By Kristin Dolan, Research Development Office, and Anneliese Taylor, Library

Would you like to know how your research program productivity stacks up against other investigators’ outside of UCSF? Thanks to a two-year pilot through the Research Development Office, everyone at UCSF now has access to a powerful competitive intelligence and research analytics tool called Dimensions.

Dimensions is a research and discovery platform released in 2017 by Digital Science (the maker of Altmetric, figshare, Overleaf and more). With its more than 100 million publications, grants, patents, clinical trials, and policy documents, Dimensions not only offers a new resource for discovering research outputs and their citation and Altmetric counts, but also for exploring and analyzing research connections. This tool enables researchers, staff, and leadership to measure and assess their research impact, identify collaborators and competitors, and use the data to inform decisions and develop strategic initiatives.

We encourage members of the UCSF research community to take a few minutes to try the tool, which is available at https://app.dimensions.ai/. Be sure to log in with your UCSF email account to take advantage of features limited to subscribers. The Research Development Office (RDO) has prepared a guide to using Dimensions, including training resources – check it out at https://guides.ucsf.edu/dimensions. The pilot runs through 2020.