Joey Lew, MFA
Joey is a medical student at UCSF and a member of the committee for Intrinsic Value: Art Celebrating the San Francisco Bay Area BIPOC Community

New Art Series Call for Submissions

Intrinsic Value: Art Celebrating the San Francisco Bay Area BIPOC Community

This series promotes and celebrates the voices of Bay Area BIPOC artists. We believe art, intrinsically, has the capacity to heal. Health professionals and artists alike are engaged in healing, but that connection is often lost. We want to foster this connection by providing a collaborative community arts space to bridge the gap between the medical community and some of the Bay Area’s incredible artists.

Series theme

The theme of this series is unlikely connections

We hope that applicants will question the meaning of connection and explore the concept of unlikely. Artists will be able to present meditations on mysterious or deep connections while showcasing unique interpretations of the theme. Note that your submissions do not have to be tied to science or medicine, though that is welcome. We hope to highlight the intrinsic value of art in healing, regardless of specific content.

What’s the format?

The series will take place on Zoom and will be comprised of four different events in the spring of 2021. Accordingly, four artists will be selected to showcase work. The first event will additionally feature Farah Hamade, the UCSF library artist in residence. Exact dates have not yet been set as we will work with participating artists to schedule according to their availability.

Selected artists will be expected to:

  • Showcase their work on Zoom
  • Follow with an interactive or conversational component (discussing their work with others, with the audience, providing a hands-on workshop, or in another way directly engaging the audience)
  • Keep the entire event under 90 minutes

Ready to apply?

Submit a 2-3 minute submission video below and answer the associated questions. Submissions will be accepted until Dec. 31, 2020 and selected artists will be notified in January.


  • You must be over the age of 18
  • Your art must be associated with or celebrate the BIPOC community
  • Your art can be in any genre or form, so long as it can be presented in Zoom
  • You do not need to have finished the project you plan to present, but it must be developed enough for us to understand and appreciate in the short submission video

If I’m selected, what should I expect?

Selected artists will be compensated $500 for their performance and post-performance conversation. Technical support will be provided for the presentation of the final project or performance. The planning committee will work with artists to tailor the event length to their preference, as well as providing interpreter services and marketing support. Selected artists should expect a group of individuals absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to help produce these events with them.