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Joanna Kang
Joanna is the Data Science and Marketing Coordinator at UCSF Library.

Makers Lab Opening Week was a Success. Hail the Return of the TAZ!

We completed our first official week of being open without problems. No fires or explosions (kidding)! Several members of the UCSF community, excited and interested in the possibilities, stopped by to see what was going on. 

We are open Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 2-6pm and want YOU to stop by and see what we have and what we hope the Makers Lab will be. There is a UCSF Library staff member on duty while the lab is open. We are all new to this and looking forward to learning with all of you.

The TAZ 5 is a higher-level 3D printer (extending what the cute and accessible Ultimaker 2 printer can do) which was previously not functioning properly, now with a new circuit board and and some attention it is working fine and we are all trying to figure out the mysteries of “dual extruders.” The TAZ has two extruders where the print material comes out, and allows for using two materials in one object (like one hard and one soft) or different colors (we have red and blue now). The fascinating part is that the print file which the printer reads to make 3D objects tells the printer when and where to put both colors and coordinates the pattern of motion the “printer heads” follow. Mesmerizing to watch!

Please share comments or questions and hope to see you soon in the Makers Lab.