Dylan Romero
Dylan is the Makers Lab Manager at the UCSF Library. Contact Dylan with general questions about the Makers Lab, curriculum integration, group events, and emerging technologies.

Makers Lab Pop-Up Recordings Now Available

We realize that Zoom fatigue is real and it can be difficult to attend another Zoom meeting. So, we have made select Makers Lab pop-up recordings available in the UCSF CLE! Watch a pop-up when you have time, learn a new skill, and get inspired.

Self-enroll in the Makers Lab On-Demand CLE course (UCSF MyAccess required) to watch pop-up recordings. Contact the Makers Lab if you have questions or if you want to schedule a consultation to discuss your project in more detail. If you are not affiliated with UCSF you can access all recordings on UCSF MediaSpace.

See the current list of Makers Lab On-Demand Pop-Ups below:

  • Makers Lab 101: Introduction to the Makers Lab
  • 3D Printing Part 1: Introduction to 3D Printing
  • 3D Printing Part 2: 3D Design & Modeling with Tinkercad
  • 3D Printing Part 3: 3D Printing from Medical Imaging
  • 3D Model Editing: 3D Design & Modeling with Meshmixer
  • 3D Printing Materials Overview
  • 3D Printing Meet-Up: Breaking the the Mold
  • Storytelling During a Pandemic (2020 Artist in Residence Workshop)
  • Maquetting for Science Visualization (2020 Artist in Residence Workshop)
  • Artist in Residence During COVID-19: A Year in Reflection (2020 Artist in Residence Workshop)
  • Healing Botany: An Everyday Inspiration (2021 Artist in Residence Workshop)
  • Poetic Flowers: A Valentine’s Card (2021 Artist in Residence Workshop)
  • Woodblock Prints and Medicine: Sugar and Tobacco in the Caribbean Online (2022 Artist in Residence Workshop)
  • Tradition, Craft, and Technology: Making Woodblock Prints with New Media (2022 Artist in Residence Workshop)
  • Getting Started with 360 Photos & Videos
  • Ideation Drawing Part 1
  • Ideation Drawing Part 2
  • Introduction to CAD Part 1: Discover the Capabilities of Fusion 360
  • Introduction to CAD Part 2: Take Your Fusion 360 Project to the Next Level
  • Introduction to CAD Part 3: Splines and Sculpting Fundamentals in Fusion 360
  • Introduction to Sewing
  • Introduction to Vector Art (Inkscape)
  • Laser Cutting with the Glowforge
  • Wireframe Modeling in Blender

The Makers Lab will continue to offer “live” pop-ups via Zoom so you can ask questions and meet other UCSF makers virtually. See the full list of upcoming pop-ups on the Makers Lab event calendar.