Kemi Amin
Kemi Amin
Kemi is the Communications Manager for the UCSF Library.

Joanna Briggs Institute Evidence Based Practice (JBI EBP) Database Now Available to UCSF

No longer available, except for nursing staff employees. Contact the Center for Nursing Excellence and Innovation.

JBI EBP is now available to the entire UCSF community thanks to the generosity of the Institute for Nursing Excellence. This database is produced by JBI, a not-for-profit, membership-based, research institute based at the University of Adelaide, South Australia. The UCSF JBI Centre for Evidence Synthesis & Implementation was founded in 2011 and is designated as a JBI Centre of Excellence.

JBI EBP is international in scope and contains seven types of evidence-based information for nursing, allied health, medical professionals, and consumers. This EBP database includes systematic reviews (SR), SR protocols, evidence summaries, recommended practices, best practice information sheets, consumer information sheets, and technical reports. JBI also provides useful tools such as RAPID and SUMARI to help users assess the quality of evidence and conduct and report on systematic reviews.

As with all subscribed resources, access to JBI EBP is restricted to UCSF students and personnel through MyAccess. To use the JBI RAPID and SUMARI tools, users must create a free Ovid account. If you have any questions or would like instruction on JBI EBP, please contact Min-Lin Fang, Research Librarian for Nursing: