Jenny Tai
Jenny is the Makers Lab Engineer. Contact Jenny with questions about the Makers Lab, 3D printing technologies, and designing and acquiring 3D models.

Introducing the Makers Lab Project Repository

Many of the resources that we use in the Makers Lab to make, discover, and teach come from free, open source software and repositories. In continuing with the spirit of open source accessibility, we are excited to share our own repository of original projects, made right here in the UCSF Library! Not only will this include projects created in the Makers Lab, but also projects created through collaborative partnerships with different departments and disciplines across campus.

Within the Makers Lab Project Repository, you will find information about each project, as well as access and download shared files for 3D printing. All 3D models are licensed under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribution license. This repository can be accessed via the Makers Lab knowledge base under the section “Getting Started with 3D Printing.”

Screenshot of the Makers Lab Repository as seen on the Makers Lab Knowledge Base. A table is depicted with the categories: Project Name, Department, Project Date, and Project Files. You can find out more information about each project in the repository by clicking on the respective images.

3D print a copy of a project for your learning, build upon an existing project, or simply acquire inspiration for your next project. We envision this repository as an ongoing work in progress, with more and more models and resources to be added in the future!

Multicolored tricube puzzle featuring information about Education Research Services provided by UCSF Education Reference librarians.
Learn about the role of Education Research Services at the UCSF Library by 3D printing this project!

If you would like to contribute your project to the Makers Lab Project Repository, contact the Makers Lab.