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Ariel Deardorff
Ariel Deardorff
Ariel is a Data Services Librarian and member of the library's Data Science team. Contact Ariel for help with data sharing, data management, reproducibility, and open science.

Introducing a New Tool for Getting Started with Open Science

As part of the UCSF Library’s support for open science, we co-host the Bay Area Open Science Group. This group is a community of students, faculty, and staff from UCSF, UC Berkeley, and Stanford interested in incorporating open science into their research, teaching, and learning. This month the Group is proud to announce the release of the Open Science Team Agreements– a new template for starting conversations around open science. Designed to be implemented by a research lab or team; the template includes short descriptions of several open science topics. Subjects include open access articles, publishing pre-prints, sharing data, open code, and more.

We encourage teams to learn about the topics that interest them, and then to edit the document so it reflect the practices that align with their research goals. Ideally these agreements can serve as a resource when on-boarding new team members and as a build-in accountability measure. We hope to introduce more teams to open science through these agreements and help shift the research ecosystem to be more transparent, accessible, and inclusive.

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Want to use the Agreements with your Team?

Access the document on Zenodo (an open access repository mentioned in the template!)

Have feedback on the Agreements?

We would love to hear it! Please email, UCSF Library Data Science Librarian, Ariel Deardorff at

Want to participate in the Bay Area Open Science Group?

Join us via our next virtual meetup on Tuesday, November 29, 2022 at 2 p.m. PT.

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