Helen Chen
Helen is an Instructional Designer committed to supporting UCSF faculty in the delivery of innovative and effective learning experiences.

Instructional Design Training Hub Quizzing Resource

The UCSF Library Instructional Design team has launched a new self-paced course focused on the quizzing feature within the Collaborative Learning Environment (CLE).

The interactive learning module, “Level Up: CLE Quizzing” offers UCSF educators comprehensive guidance on various features within the CLE and instruction methods, including creating and managing quizzes, organizing question banks, and delivering meaningful feedback to students. Furthermore, the course covers best practices for developing authentic assessments, ensuring that the quiz questions you create align with sound pedagogical principles.

We encourage all UCSF faculty members and staff who utilize the CLE to explore this resource and share it with their campus colleagues.

Need help creating quizzes in the CLE?

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Image courtesy of Marcus Aurelius via Pexels.