Ariel Deardorff
Ariel is the Director of Data Science and Open Scholarship. Contact Ariel for help with data sharing, data management, reproducibility, and open science.

Get to Know ICPSR Social Science Data Repository

What can I do with ICPSR?

ICPSR is the world’s largest collection of digital social science data covering topics as diverse as health care, aging, substance abuse, mental health, public policy, education and more. These data can be used for research, instructional activities, and to write articles, papers or theses. ICPSR has a myriad of resources and specialized collections, such as:

Thanks to the UCSF Library, all UCSF staff, students, and faculty have free access to the extensive ICPSR public and restricted data holdings. Access is direct and quick via the ICPSR website

Build computational skills during the ICPSR Summer Program

In addition to the rich data collections, ICPSR also hosts an annual summer training program in Ann Arbor Michigan. ICPSR’s summer training program offers courses in research design, statistics, data analysis, and social science methodology. Courses are for beginning or advanced students of quantitative methods. The program attracts university faculty and researchers, graduate students, and nonacademic research scientists.  As members of ICPSR, the UCSF community receives discounted tuition and scholarships are also available (apply by March 28). 

Learn more and check out the full list of workshops on the summer program website.

Get Help with ICPSR

Want to learn more about ICPSR, get help accessing data, or arrange a demo for you team? Contact Data Services Librarian Ariel Deardorff at