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Get Organized with Records and Information Management Basics

As many of us start to think about returning to the office and cleaning out spaces that potentially sat empty for two years, it’s a good time to pause and ask yourself what you can actually throw out and what you need to keep. Can you toss that grant information, job applicant’s resumé, or old files, or do they need to be retained? What about all of your digital files that have built up in OneDrive, Box, Outlook, etc? All these questions will be answered in our new class Time to Get Organized! Records and Information Management Basics. In this course UCSF information management experts will cover:

  • What is and is not a “record”
  • How long you should keep important documents
  • How to store your documents
  • How to properly dispose of your documents

Got questions about specific kinds of records? We will have plenty of time at the end for you to ask questions. 

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Happy organizing!