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Dylan Romero
Dylan is the Makers Lab Manager at the UCSF Library. Contact Dylan with general questions about the Makers Lab, curriculum integration, group events, and emerging technologies.

Free Online Repair Help with the Fixit Clinic

Research equipment and technology are essential for our work at UCSF, but often break. Instead of throwing away a piece of broken equipment, why not try to fix it with the help of the Fixit Clinic? By repairing broken or damaged items you can save resources, hone your critical thinking skills, and help out the environment. The Makers Lab has worked with Peter Mui, Fixit Clinic founder, on a number of projects and are proud supporters of the Fixit Clinic’s DIY approach.

The Fixit Clinic is happy to look at any type of electronics, electro-mechanical devices, and items that are a combination of hardware with integrated software (e.g., lab equipment like bioreactors, fermenters, centrifuges, etc.). They will also help with equipment as mundane as the coffee maker in the break room, a broken office chair or lab cart, and smartphone battery replacement.

UCSF community members can get free online help with repairs through Fixit Clinics (via Zoom) and the online Global Fixers Server. Below is information about each.

Fixit Clinics held via Zoom

Fixit Clinics welcome anyone to present a broken item to a global team of expert community repairers and get suggestions for things to try. These are live events held via Zoom. After all items have been presented, items/participants and repairers move to Zoom breakout rooms to implement the tips and (hopefully) fix the items.

Click to register for an upcoming Zoom Fixit Clinic.

Global Fixers Server

The Fixit Clinic also hosts the Global Fixers Server that provides 24/7 support to have your broken item looked at by the growing network of community repairers from around the world.

Click to register for the Global Fixers Server, select Repair via the Global Fixers Servers using Discord from the “Which Fixit Clinic are you attending” drop-down menu, and complete the rest of the form to start the onboarding process.

Watch the YouTube video below from PBS NewsHour to learn more about the Fixit Clinic.