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Coming Soon: New NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing

What is this new policy?

In January 2023, National Institutes of Health (NIH) will be implementing a new Data Management and Sharing Policy. This new policy will require all researchers seeking grant funds that result in the generation of scientific data to:

  • Submit a two-page Data Management and Sharing plan outlining how their scientific data and accompanying documentation will be managed and shared.
  • Maximize the appropriate sharing of (de-identified) scientific data generated from NIH-funded or conducted research, with justified limitations or exceptions as part of the plan.

What do I include in a Data Management and Sharing Plan?

In these max two-page documents, you will describe your:

  • Data type – an overview of the data you are collecting
  • Related tools, software, and/or code – what is needed to understand and/or use that data
  • Standards – if there are any standardized file formats, data dictionaries, etc
  • Data preservation, access, and associated timelines- when and where you will publicly share your data
  • Access, distribution, or reuse considerations – any special considerations for securing the data or protecting patient privacy
  • Oversight of data management and sharing – who will carry out this plan

How is UCSF preparing?

The UCSF Library and the Office of Sponsored Research have put together a multi-stakeholder work group that will provide the UCSF community with resources to help researchers and research staff comply with the new policy. So far the group has created several data management plan templates (see links below) and is working on budget templates and guidance for selecting an appropriate data repository.

Where can you learn more?

There are several resources to help get you up to speed on the new policy and start thinking about writing your data management and sharing plan:

Need Help?

For questions about the policy, including planning for data sharing, selecting a repository, or to request a presentation on the policy for your department or team, please contact Data Services Librarian, Ariel Deardorff.