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Brian Warling
Brian Warling
Brian is the CLE Product Manager.

Coming soon: CLE updating to Moodle 3.8

On Monday, July 13, 2020, the CLE will be updated to Moodle 3.8. The CLE will be unavailable on that date from 5am-12noon. Here is a quick preview of the new and updated features.

Forum enhancements

​ The forum activity will receive a number of enhancements: ​

  • Whole forum grading
    When enabled, a number of forum grading options become available. Instructors can select points or a scale, or use advanced grading methods such as rubrics.
  • Summary report and export discussions
    Instructors can view a detailed summary report of student activity, along with the ability to export and download forum posts.
  • New experimental forum view
    Users can test a new experimental nested discussion view if they chose.

H5P interactive content

Moodle 3.8 brings the first stage of H5P (HTML5 Package) integration. Existing H5P activities can be embedded into the CLE by either linking the URL or by uploading the file. Full H5P integration, which includes the ability to create and manage H5P activities along with full gradebook integration, will arrive in January 2021. More information about the Moodle/H5P integration is available. Also see more about H5P. ​

More enhancements

  • Calendar filters 
    Users can now filter their Moodle calendar by month, day and upcoming events.
  • Emojis
    Adding emojis via the text editor is easy.

Additional information

​ For a full list of updated features, please refer to the “new features in 3.8” page on the Moodle website. Please note that some of the Moodle 3.8 features do not apply to our implementation.

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