Sean Purcell
Sean is the Digital Health Humanities Program Coordinator

Call for Proposals: Advancing Digital Health Humanities Institute

We are seeking applicants for The Advancing Digital Health Humanities Institute (ADHHI), hosted by the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and funded through the National Endowment for the Humanities Institutes for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities. Digital health humanities is an emerging, interdisciplinary field that leverages digital methods and tools to critically analyze health sciences materials in the pursuit of humanistic research.

See The Advancing Digital Health Humanities Institute page for background, participant responsibilities, and provided support.


We are looking for digital health humanities projects that plan to work with data to answer humanistic research questions from a range of approaches and disciplines. Successful applicants should have a strong knowledge of their intended data set, and their research questions should be defined in relation to this material. Applicants do not need to be experts in a proposed analytical method or tool. Still, engagement with a digital method—like text analysis, network analysis, GIS mapping, cultural analytics, digital archiving, design and arts-based methods, critical making, or critical code studies—is encouraged. We are most interested in projects that ask questions about human health, illness, ability, and the culture of care using historical materials and archival datasets. 

We anticipate different kinds of projects within the cohort, and we will review the merits of the work based on the following criteria:

  • The applicant’s engagement with both the health humanities and digital humanities theoretical approaches.
  • The project’s potential value for digital health humanities, as well as the applicant’s home discipline (if applicable).
  • A clearly defined, manageably sized data set or archival resource.
  • The feasibility of completing the project in the two-year program.

While not necessary for acceptance in the program, the review committee will be giving special attention to projects that use UCSF archival data resources. Please visit the Archives as Data Research Guide for more information.

Due to the time and expense of digital projects and the project support offered through the ADHHI, we are interested in supporting applicants new to digital health humanities research; we are especially interested in researchers proposing early-phase digital projects and prototyping projects.

Applications are due Friday, June 28 at 5 p.m. PST

Attend an info session
To aid applicants new to health humanities or digital humanities, UCSF will host an online information session with Q&A on Wednesday, June 12. This event has passed, but you can view the recorded video and workshop materials.

Submit your application

Applicants are required to upload a single .pdf document with the following application materials:

  • Project abstract (150 words)
  • Project proposal (1500 words not including works cited)
  • Proposals should include:
    • a set of clearly defined research questions
    • a proposed timeline of clearly defined deliverables that will be completed by the end of the program (March 2026)
  • Summary of data sources with reference to how those sources will help answer the applicant’s research questions (200 words)
  • Applicant biography (100 words)
  • Academic cv or resume (optional)

Applicants who intend to use AI or other large language model (LLM) tools will be asked a few additional questions regarding the ethics and use of these tools.


Please contact the Digital Health Humanities Program Coordinator.