Dylan Romero
Dylan is the Makers Lab Manager at the UCSF Library. Contact Dylan with general questions about the Makers Lab, curriculum integration, group events, and emerging technologies.

UCSF Library Artist in Residence

The UCSF Library Archives and Special Collections and the Makers Lab are piloting a one year artist-in-residence program. The UCSF Library Artist in Residence award, valued at $6,000, will be given annually to one candidate with a degree in Studio Arts or a related field and/or a history of exhibiting artistic work in professional venues.

The goal of this program is to promote health humanities by exposing and re-purposing historical materials preserved in the Archives and Special Collections. Through the collaboration with the Makers Lab, the artist will create works that explore connections between art and healing, examine the process of scientific discovery, address contemporary issues related to health care and social justice, or historical subjects in health sciences that are inspired by the Archives and Special Collections holdings including rare books, personal papers, photographs, artifacts, university publications, East Asian and Art collections. Possible projects can include, but are not limited to: painting; photography; performance; sculpture; 3D scanning and 3D printing; programmable electronics; and digital, video or installation art.

The recipient, who will be known as the UCSF Library Artist in Residence, will receive assistance from the staff of the UCSF Library and will have full access to the Library’s Archives and Special Collections and Makers Lab equipment. Please note that the artist will be accommodated as well as possible, but that there is no dedicated studio space available. The award is intended to cover travel, materials, and related expenses incurred by the artist; the amount given is set at $6,000, from which taxes may be deducted, and will be paid upon completion of the residency requirements.

The Artist in Residence will:

  1. Complete at least one project
  2. Curate exhibit on work done during residency
  3. Teach quarterly classes in Makers Lab and/or Archives (no credit and open to public)
  4. Post regular updates on Library news and social media channels
  5. Submit a final narrative report to be published on Archives news

The work done during the residency will become property of UCSF. UCSF will recognize the artist for all work done.

Deadline for submission was January 17, 2020.

  • One page project proposal that addresses:
    • The conceptual approach of the project
    • Aspects of the collection that are of interest
    • How you would engage the public
  • One-year proposed timeline
  • Your CV
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • List of up to six past work samples that includes title, image of project, location, date completed, media, brief description of the project/conceptual information, and budget (if applicable)