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Joanna Kang
Joanna is the Data Science and Marketing Coordinator at UCSF Library.

3D Printed Microscope

Dr. Emilio Ramos, resident physician at UCSF, visited the Makers Lab yesterday for his first 3D print using the TAZ 5.

Dr. Ramos 3D printed a microscope that can be used with a mobile phone and a small glass bead. He printed a few different sizes that can be used for different levels of magnification. The 3D prints only took 20 minutes at a high-quality resolution and was ready to use right away.

Dr. Ramos mentioned that the Ozcan Research Group is doing similar work developing the next generation of smart global health systems.

I also learned that the Department of Homeland Security is using this technology for “rapid bio detection technologies” and providing first responders with accessible technologies. Read more here!

Want to print your own smartphone microscope? Download the PNNL Smartphone Microscope STL files.

Emilio with 3D printer lense