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Archiving UCSF Websites

UCSF Archives and Special Collections captures and preserves websites as part of the historical record of the University and our larger collecting mission. 

Are we already archiving your site?

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If we are not currently capturing your site, we’re happy to consider it for our collection though we cannot guarantee acceptance.
  1. Before submitting your request, allow us to crawl your site by including the following exception in your robots.txt file:
    • User-Agent: archive.org_bot
  2. Complete the form below. You can expect a decision within 10 business days

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Before submitting your request, please note:

UCSF Archives may not be able to preserve the exact form, functionality, and content of websites as they appear on the live web. The following types of content present significant issues for capture and/or display:


  • Dynamic scripts or applications such as JavaScript or Adobe Flash
  • Streaming media players with video or audio content such as YouTube
  • Password-protected material. We do not collect any content requiring a password
  • Forms or database-driven content that requires interaction with the site
  • Anything excluded in the site’s robots.txt files. Please update your robots.txt as described above before requesting capture


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