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Donate Materials to UCSF Archives

UCSF Archives and Special Collections accepts gifts of books, manuscripts, organizational records, artifacts, photographs, electronic files and other materials that enrich its existing collections, support the educational and research programs of the university, and further its mission.

Donations will be reviewed by the Head of Archives and Special Collections in consultation with subject specialists in the appropriate field for possible addition to the collection. Gifts accepted are subject to the policies of the Regents of the University of California, with the understanding that the university becomes the owner of the material upon its receipt and reserves the right to determine retention, location, cataloging, digitization and other considerations relating to use or disposition.

Copyright will be discussed with the donor during negotiation of the gift.

Before making a decision to offer your books to Archive and Special Collections, please consult the Your Old Books guide, which answers some frequently asked questions about rare and older books, their value, and what issues to consider when donating books.

Ready to donate?

Donors are asked to contact the UCSF Archivist, Polina Ilieva, to discuss potential gifts before bringing or sending them in. We also ask that you have a complete list of items to share with Archives staff.