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AIDS Oral History Project

Aimed at capturing factual, contextual, and personal information that will enhance the written record, the AIDS Oral History Projects document the experience of physicians, nurses, and scientists who played key roles in the early years of the AIDS epidemic.

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Phase 1: The AIDS Physician and Scientist Series, 1981-1984

Oral histories conducted with 17 university and public health physicians, scientists, and medical administrators.

Phase 1

  • Volume I: Selma K. Dritz and Mervyn F. Silverman
  • Volume II: Donald I. Abrams, Marcus A. Conant, and Andrew R. Moss
  • Volume III: Arthur J. Ammann, Paul A. Volberding, and Constance B. Wofsy
  • Volume IV: Donald P. Francis, Merle A. Sande, and John L. Ziegler
  • Volume V: Herbert A. Perkins
  • Volume VI: Deborah S. Greenspan and John S. Greenspan
  • Volume VII: Warren Winkelstein, Jr.
  • Volume VIII: Jay A. Levy

Phase 2: The AIDS Nurses Series

Interviews with 8 nurses, one hospital administrator, and one medical journalist at UCSF, San Francisco General Hospital, and the Visiting Nurses Association.

Phase 2

  • Volume I: Michael J. Helquist, Jeannee Parker Martin, and Helen K. Schietinger
  • Volume II: Gary Stephen Carr and Angie Lewis
  • Volume III: Diane Jones and Clifford L. Morrison
  • Volume IV: Gayling Gee, Grace I. Lusby, and Diane Miller

Phase 3: The AIDS Community Physicians Series

Interviews with medical practitioners who had large HIV practices in San Francisco and/or significant roles in early AIDS politics.

Phase 3

  • Volume I: Richard Lee Andrews, James M. Campbell, and James R. Groundwater
  • Volume II: Paul Monahan O’Malley and Stephen E. Follansbee
  • Volume III: Robert K. Bolan and William F. Owen, Jr.