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Review of Subscriptions

Every fall, the UCSF Library reviews its journal subscriptions as part of the renewal process for the upcoming year. The ever rising cost of electronic resource subscriptions, coupled with an historically flat library budget, has necessitated finding annual savings largely through the reduction of journal subscription costs. More information about subscription challenges can be found on our journal costs webpage.

For 2022, instead of a flat budget, the Library is facing the extra challenge of a budget cut and must reduce its resource spending by $140,000 or about 8%. To meet the target cut, journal cancellations are a portion of the changes we will have to make for the upcoming year.

After extensive evaluation and assessment, we have identified our lowest used journals, out of scope titles, non-essential databases, and resources with inconsistent usage.

View the full list of proposed journal and database cancellations for 2022 and contact Sarah McClung, Head of Collection Development, with questions or concerns by Friday, October 22. You must log in to UCSF Box with MyAccess to view the list of titles.

To further reduce our resource spending, the Library will be negotiating reduced or flat price increases, limiting ebook purchasing, delaying all new non-essential subscriptions, and leveraging our consortial participation in the California Digital Library (CDL) to maintain and expand resource access at the lowest possible cost.

Criteria for Cancellation

Curious how we make our subscriptions decisions? To identify journals for cancellation, we consider several criteria:

  1. Online subscriptions that have historically low use (typically less than 100 full text views per year).
  2. Subscriptions that do not align with the UC system’s licensing standards (Word doc).
  3. Selected titles that have an unusually high cost per use.

Past Journal Cancellations

View the list of past journal cancellations starting from 2005 (PDF file).